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Notes 1/7/08 ROMAN ORIGINS Roman Miracle – Rome started as one small town and spread its power all over Italy. Livy (Titus Livious) and wrote under Augustus, Rome’s first emperor. Focuses on good moral examples from the past and tries to bring them to the present day. He wrote 142 books from about 30 BC onward. Rome was founded in 753 BC and didn’t start writing their history until 200 BC. Before this Greek historians were writing about Rome but is strongly influenced by particular biases and most likely passed on orally. Many written records of Rome were destroyed by the Gauls in 393 BC when they invaded Rome. Foundation Myth – explains and safeguards values and virtues which a society claims to possess. Explains national origins; can rationalize social and economic inequalities; can provide explanation for traditional rivalries and hostilities between nations; can explain moral or ethical precepts of a given culture. Two Main Stories: Aeneas and Romulus
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