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printed by Quantification of MYCN, DDX1, and NAG gene Copy Number in Neuroblastoma and CHO Cells using Quantitative PCR Colt Swayze, Matt Deel, Brandon Pearson Ouachita Baptist University The intent of this experiment is to study DNA from tumor cells by using a quantitative PCR analysis as a substitution for Southern Blot analysis which takes a great amount more time. It can also be used as a parallel to Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization analysis. Quantitative PCR analysis uses MYCN single gene copy changes in DNA with both 2p deletion and duplication. Results from this procedure should either amplify the DDX1 and the NAG gene to show that the cell is cancerous or if they have no adverse effects on prognosis then we know that the cells are not cancerous. 1. Obtained a 200 μL of cell suspension from both the reference neuroblastoma and CHO cells. Also obtain a 200 μL of cell suspension from both the target/test neuroblastoma and CHO cells. 2.
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