Molecular Biology of the Cell

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Your friend works for a biotech company, where they have come up with a top- secret drug they hope will cure a hereditary kidney disease. He refuses to tell you anything about this drug, except to give you a peek at their data regarding the kinetics of uptake of this drug into kidney cells. He thinks his data support the idea that a protein is required for the uptake of his drug; his supervisor thinks his data show that this drug simply diffuses into the cell. From what you have learned in cell biology, who is right: your friend or his supervisor? Explain your answer.
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You are studying a protein that normally resides in the plasma membrane. The organization of this protein is depicted in Figure Q12-1, where the gray boxes labeled A, B, and C represent transmembrane regions and the segments labeled 1, 2, 3, and 4 represent the portions of the protein between the transmembrane regions. Figure Q12-1 If you also know that segments 2 and 4 contain N-linked oligosaccharides, draw the topology of the protein as it is inserted
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