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Lab Presentation Rules - Find a cool unique Disease. First...

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Lab Presentation Rules No shorter than 10 Minutes-No longer than 15min. …. .The class is expected to ask questions. The above dates are tentative and is dependent on the class actually trying to give good presentation and ask questions. All should include 1. Intro to topic 2. Relation to Cell Bio (good) 3. How you could treat or cure the problem (be creative/use your imagination) do not simply look up what others have done. Learn to think on your own…….do not worry if we do not have the technology yet. How could it be corrected.
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Unformatted text preview: Find a cool unique Disease. First come first serve on a disease (for the class not per lab). I will not listen to the same problem in both labs. Before I will mark you down as having a disease you have to be able to tell me how (in general) it relates to class. Until you do this all bets are off and the disease fair game. If you do a bad job you will not get points for the presentation. Do not tempt me on this. Do not blow this off. I am trying to be nice....
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