Expected Knowledge

Expected Knowledge - Reading the primary literature....

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Unformatted text preview: Reading the primary literature. Complete this assignment independently. With any luck, at this point in the semester you should be able to pick up any paper from the Cell Biology primary literature and understand something about it. To understand everything about it is an unreasonable expectation. Only the researchers in that particular field will be able to do that. However, the rest of us can still learn from these papers. We can gain an understanding of the background literature that led to the study since it is reviewed in the Introduction . From the Materials and Methods we can learn about the techniques that were used, and from the Results and Discussion sections we can see what was discovered and what it means, respectively. There is some overlap in these sections but each has a separate function and should not sound redundant. It takes a very long time to be able to write scientific papers well. It isn't like writing an essay for an English class. Scientific writing can tend to be slightly boring because writers try not to use flowery English class....
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Expected Knowledge - Reading the primary literature....

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