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Cell and Molecular Biology BIO 4063– Fall 09 “The key to every biological problem must finally be sought in the cell, for every living organism is or at sometime has been a cell” - E.B. Wilson Instructor : Dr. Nathan Reyna Office Location : JSC 110 Office Hours : Hours are posted outside of my office. Telephone : 870-245-5240 Email - [email protected] (e-mail is the best way to contact me ) Credit Hours : 4, Lab required Class Time : M,W,F – 8:00- 9:00 Lab Time : Tuesday 1:00-3:50 or Wednesdays 2:00-3:50 Classroom Location : JSC-334 / Lab in JSC basement Text : Molecular Biology of the Cell 5 th edition (B. Alberts et al., 2008) ISBN 0-8153-4105-9 Lab Notebook: A Lab Notebook with carbonless paper is required. In bookstore Course Description: Cell Biology is a laboratory oriented course designed for majors in the sciences and pre-professional programs. The course is intended to provide a foundation for the understanding of basic cell function and process. The prerequisites insure students have some background in biology and chemistry upon entering the course. The course is taught in a format to promote active learning and student understanding. Small group discussions follow short introductory lectures. I. Course Requirements and Assessment (Actual points accumulated may vary; however, percent of grade is constant) A. Lecture : All lectures will be given using MS PowerPoint. Lecture outlines and review questions will be available before class. Lecture PowerPoint slides will be available at least one hour before each day’s lecture. It should be noted that lecture slides only contain approximately 75% of the information you will need to know for the test. Most topics will be covered in more detail than they are presented in PP. By missing lecture you will also miss this “extra” information. You are responsible for material covered in both lecture and in assigned readings. B. Exams. (56 % of Final Grade) Examinations will be objective (matching, etc.), identification of terms and/or essay and will require knowledge and comprehension of basic information and concepts. Some questions may require the application of concepts, problem-solving abilities or analytic or synthetic thinking. There will be four 50pt lecture exams. Each lecture exam will be comprehensive in the sense that new material builds on previous material. Essay questions will be graded on the basis both of adequacy of their content and on how clearly and logically the ideas are developed and expressed. The final can be used to replace your lowest test grade.
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BIO 4063 -- page 2 C. Final-(14% of Final Grade) A comprehensive final will be given at the end of the semester. The final will consist of a composite of question off of the previous tests. The final counts 15% towards your final grade and must be taken by all students. However, the final will also be used to replace a regular exam grade if the final is the higher value. Skipping the final is not an option. D.
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Syllabus - Cell and Molecular Biology BIO 4063 Fall 09 The...

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