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Chapter 11 Notes

Biological Psychology

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Unformatted text preview: October 20 – Chapter 11 - Reproduction Sexual Development o Chromosomes XX or XY o Early in development Immature gonad Precursor of male internal sex orgams (Wolffian) Precursor of female internal sex organs (Mullerian) o SRY genes on Y chromosome includes development of testis o Absence of Y chromosome: ovaries develop Male Sexual Development o Testes secrete: Androgens that stimulate the Wolffian system to develop into male internal sex organs Masculinizing effect Anti-Mullerian hormone that causes degeneration of female system Defeminizing effect Female Sexual Development o Natures Impulse is to create females Mullerian System develops into female internal sex organs No androgens so Wolffian system is not developed Male Sexual Development o Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Anti-Mullerian hormone Causes degeneration of female system Defeminizing effect Androgens do not work to differentiate male organs because people lack androgen receptors No developed internal sex organs (have gonads and testes) Basically, you are a male but look like a female (including female brain) Have an XY chromosome but they lack the ability to have the receptors to accept the testosterone Sexual Development o Organizational effect of hormones Early Permanent effects of hormones on tissue differentiation o Activational Later Transient o **Look at chart on slide for details** Sexual Maturation o Secondary sexual characteristics include...
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Chapter 11 Notes - October 20 – Chapter 11 Reproduction...

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