Neuro 02-15-10 - 2-15-10Vision is key to understanding...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-15-10Vision is key to understanding brainmost of the back part of the brain is given to visionVision is key to understanding mindVisual Science exploded in the 1950smicro electrode technology permitted key insightsable to understand lateral inhibitionreceptive fieldscolumnar cortical organization6 layers to cortex; sections of cortex function in columnsretinotopic organization- tell you throughout the visual system relationships in the retina are maintained within the system.30 retinotopic mapsVisual system converts energy into neural informationWhat type of energy?electromagnetic energyarises when energy sources give of subatomic particlesWhat is the smallest divisible unit of light?A photonWays to emit lightnuclear reactionsincandescencephoton arising from thermal radiationluminescencerelease of photon after absorption of electron bombardmentelectromagnetic radiationelectromagnetic fieldsbioluminescencephotons arising form chemical reactions in biological organismsfirefliesMolecules respond to light the way people respond...
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Neuro 02-15-10 - 2-15-10Vision is key to understanding...

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