Neuro 2-22-10 - Visual is key to...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-22-10Visual is key to understanding is key to understanding mindA conceptional Note3.structure and function4.2 basic categoriesKey visual concepts5.Visual Field1.external world seen without head movement2.divided at midline into...1.right and left2.superior and inferior1.6.Transduction7.Retinotopic Organization1.fact that retina is depicted throughout the visual system in topographical map8.Laminar and Columnar Organization9.Receptive Fields1.portion of a visual field that excites or inhibits a neuron2.understanding derives from micro electrode technology3.For Rods, Cones:1.small and round4.For other visual 3.complex5.Arise because of...1.1. Spatial location of retinal stimulation2.2. Afferent synaptic pattern (anatomy)1.Spatial location of retinal stimulation + Afferent synaptic pattern = receptive field2.Center-surround receptive fields10.The Retina1.cells in the Retina1.photoreceptors2.bipolar cells3.horizontal cells4.4....
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Neuro 2-22-10 - Visual is key to...

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