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Notes 1/9/08 Discussion Notes Exam has ID section with terms that Basil has underlined. Also Images used in class are fair game. Also essays will be on the exam. Some dates will be significant. Be familiar with broad themes of the course. Livy has the goal of presenting factual accounts that are not necessarily true. He wants to present information accurately but gives multiple accounts so the reader can decide which account they believe to be true. Livy (p.8) believes in fate and talks about how gods interfere with human affairs, but they are not as prominent as they are in the Greek world. Our history is to present the facts and Livy’s goal is to promote the values of present Roman society by providing examples to his readers of what sort of behavior is acceptable and what good values of a Roman are. King Latinas (king of Latia) has a daughter that Aeneas wants to marry. He is the king of the region where Aeneas lands when he gets to Italy. The Mysterious Etruscans and Early Italy Memorize the 7 hills of Rome. The Iron Age Hut is on Palatine Hill at Rome in the 8 th century BC which was when Rome was founded. The Villanovans – The Iron Age (1000 BC – 3 rd Century BC). The Villanovans were pre-Etruscan (1000 BC – 8 th Century BC). Villanovans lived in the North and West of Italy. It was a simple group of people. A tribal lifestyle that was unurbanized. About 1000 BC there was a large population growth in Italy – more burials and
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Notes 1.9 - Notes 1/9/08 Discussion Notes Exam has ID...

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