Notes 1.11 - Notes 1/11/08 Haruspicy is a divination...

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Notes 1/11/08 Haruspicy is a divination (trying to predict the future) ritual using the innards of animals. The Etruscans were known for this kind of religious practice and it was something that carried over into Roman culture. Etruscan religion was very influential on Rome such as Gods in human form. The names of the gods are Etruscan names. Gladiatorial combats, often at funerals – the fights to the death were meant to give the dead accompaniment (1 st gladiator games in 264 BC) in the afterlife. The first racetrack in Rome was built by Tarquineous and he was an Etruscan king. Etruscan women did things that Greek women would never do. Theopompus is upset about all of the freedom that Etruscan women get. In later Roman times the word Etruscan was almost synonymous with the word prostitute. The Etruscans reached the height of their society neat the end of the 6 th century BC and still influenced Romans in the 5 th century. Rome first conquered Veii and then further conquered more Etruscan cities. The evidence of Kings in early Rome – the chief priest called rex sacrorum (king of sacrifices) found later, under republic. The Roman forum had a religious building called the regia (royal house). A cup was found in the regia and it was inscribed with rex (king). Other inscriptions in the Forum mention a rex. The form of kings names also suggest their authenticity. Evidence for legendary nature of stories about Rome’s kings – the length of
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Notes 1.11 - Notes 1/11/08 Haruspicy is a divination...

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