Notes 1.14 - Notes 1/14/08 The Struggle of the Orders The...

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Notes 1/14/08 The Struggle of the Orders The assemblies of the people had committees that each had one vote. Only adult males voted. The comitia curiata had 30 curiae, 10 from each of the three original tribes. Each group got one vote, not each person. The comitia centuriata was divided up into 5 classes according to wealth and in each class there were a different number of centuries. The rich people had more centuries than the poor people, not because there were more rich people because there were actually more poor people, but the rich people’s votes were more valued. First the centuriata would elect a new king and then the people would break and form in the curiata and ratify the magistrates. They conferred the imperium (the power of a magistrate to lead an army and condemn citizens to death). They were worried that the leaders would use the military unwisely and sentence people to death unjustly. That is why the assemblies worked the way they did. The fasces is carried by the lictor because lictors are like the magistrates enforcers. They enforced the decrees of the magistrates. The fasces probably started out as a weapon but turned into a symbol and the position of lictor became more symbolic as well. Early on in the republic imperium there was the office of dictator. This person would be like a temporary king and was appointed by the senate to complete one task. Later he would be chosen from the ex-consuls. He had no colleagues, but a magister equorum (master of the horse) that acts as a general in the field that can use the military in accordance with the dictator’s power or do other things to
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Notes 1.14 - Notes 1/14/08 The Struggle of the Orders The...

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