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Ch 9 Genetics - Genetics Ch 9 Extracellular Inheri tance...

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Genetics Ch. 9 Extracellular Inheritance Extracellular Inheritance = transmission of genetic information to offspring through the cytoplasm rather than through the nucleus, most often from only one of the parents o Varieties Organelle Heredity DNA contained in mitochondria or chloroplasts determine certain phenotypic characteristics of offspring; sources of inheritance Uniparental transmission of these organelles, usually from the female parent through the egg to progeny Maternal Effect Nuclear gene products are stored in the egg and then transmitted through the ooplasm to offspring Gene products are distributed to cells of the developing embryo and influence its phenotype Organelle Heredity o Chloroplasts Four o’clock plants: patchy/variegated Crossed variegated with nonvariegated – found that whether female part was variegated or not mattered a lot Ovule determine green/white/variegated – chloroplasts come from ovule (pollen doesn’t donate) – chloroplasts have chlorophyll gene o The phenotype from female parent was passed to offspring Mom determines phenotype because chloroplast comes from female parent Doesn’t follow Mendelian genetics
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Genetics Ch. 9 Extracellular Inheritance Chloroplast mutation in Chlamydomonas
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