Essay4 - Smoking Teenage smoking has become a big problem...

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1 Smoking Teenage smoking has become a big problem in the United States as well as the rest of the world. Almost half the number of teenagers, who smoke, never admits they have a problem. Once these teenagers start to smoke, they become addicted physically and psychologically, and that's the part that makes it tough for them to quit. Teenage smoking is being promoted to kids through magazines and television shows. Even though cigarette advertisements have been banned from television, it's not enough. We have to find a way to ban all these things because it's putting kids' lives in danger. According to Facts about Teenage Smoking ”, prepared by Susan E. Mason, teenage smoking has risen over the last 20 years. About 19% of teenage males are regular smokers and 27% of females are regular smokers. Females who smoke at least a pack a day increased from 10-39% between 1969 and 1975, yet the male percentage has stayed at about 31%. Recently, female teenagers have become more avid smokers than males. There are many reasons why teenagers smoke. One of the most common reasons is peer pressure like pressure of friends, study, relationships or some current affair. Kids have a hard time resisting doing what their friends want. Teenagers who smoke are more likely to have lower self images. They start smoking because they think it will give them a better image like being cooler, more attractive, or more popular. Because of their low self image, they don't have the confidence to "say no" when a cigarette is offered to them. Teenagers who are smoking become addicted because of the nicotine and that makes it harder for them to quit.
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2 Cigarette advertisements are designed to make people think that smoking is cool and that everyone does it. These misleading ads appear to increase kids' smoking. The companies also say that they are not persuading their customers to smoke, their customers are deciding for themselves. There are many people who smoke who would love to be able to quit, but cannot. Once the nicotine enters your blood, your body needs the nicotine. This makes it very difficult to quit. There are some ways to prevent teenagers from being
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Essay4 - Smoking Teenage smoking has become a big problem...

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