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Iranian Nuclear Conflict

Iranian Nuclear Conflict - Matt Le Gen Ed 140 section 12 Dr...

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Matt Le Gen Ed 140 section 12 Dr. Peter Wagner October 9, 2009 Iranian Nuclear Conflict On September 21 it came to international attention that Iran has been constructing a nuclear enrichment plant that could possibly be used for the production of nuclear weapons. This is the third time that Iran has been caught constructing such plants. Iran was first caught building an underground plant in Natanz, and was once again caught building a nuclear warhead when Iranian computer networks were penetrated by American intelligence agencies 1 . The fact that the construction of this plant was kept secret makes the whole situation rather suspicious, almost like they knew that they were doing something wrong. It is protocol to report construction of nuclear power plants to the International Atomic Energy Agency 2 , because of the obvious dangers that such a plant entails. The fact that this was not reported makes it seem like they are making the plant for military purposes and not for generating energy. Iran attaining the power of nuclear weapons would be devastating for the entire international community, but would be especially harmful for Israel and the United States. The best way for this situation to be resolved would be for the international community to work in a multilateral way and to cooperate and use its resources cumulatively. Iran dismisses the notion that it was their intention to keep the plant a secret. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was very defensive about the topic at his most recent trip to the United Nations saying that what they did was entirely legal even if they
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hadn’t reported the being of their plant to international inspectors until the plant was close to completion.
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