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Science in the Kitchen

Science in the Kitchen - Matt Le English 101 Dr Mary Emery...

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Matt Le English 101 Dr. Mary Emery Science in the Kitchen On November 27, the WPR show Here on Earth aired a segment called “Science in the Kitchen. The focus of the show was centered aroyttgfund a guest, Harold McGee, who writes about the chemistry and science of food and cooking. Mr. McGee, starts off by saying that many people blame science for the lost of taste in many foods today, such as frozen and preserved foods. However, he says that he does not consider these techniques to be science, but more of an economic aspect, since by doing this all they are trying to do is maximize profits. Mr. McGee continues by talking about how as humans, we all have chemical senses that are stimulated by various tastes and smells. He also makes an allusion to the book Brave New World , where they consume some sort of pill that contains all of the nutrients that they need to sustain themselves, saying that there is no way that this would ever happen because humans have an insatiable desire for new and exciting tastes. Throughout the majority of the show they have callers ask Mr.
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