History 1302 Lecture April 5

History 1302 Lecture April 5 - The choice to name it having...

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History 1302 Lecture April 5, 2010 African American children became the lynch pin in the civil rights movement Kissing case Emmett Till Many protest songs taught black children the value and importance of civil rights Intended to teach children at a very young age that they should fight for their civil rights at a very young age. NAACP and SCLC targeted children as their number 1 priority March on Washington for jobs and freedom
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Unformatted text preview: The choice to name it having jobs come before freedom gives the connotation that this is a labor action Why is education a gateway civil right Education branches into many other areas that you want to effect (trains certain professionals) Enables you to participate politically Teaches you to craft a position and an opinion Fastest path to social mobility...
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