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History 1302 Lecture April 19

History 1302 Lecture April 19 - Months before Nixon’s...

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History 1302 Lecture April 19, 2010 Richard Nixon’s Presidency In Nixon’s initial years as president he escalated the war in Vietnam. Authorizes illegal in inhumane carpet-bombing in Cambodia and Laos, rationalized the bombings by saying that Vietcong were hiding out in Cambodia. Nixon insisted that the U.S. could not lose face against communists, because it would signal to our allies that we could not be counted on in time of need Instructed the IRS to audit people that he did not like, and that their mail be opened. Installed a listening device system in the white house to record conversations that he had with opposition leaders.
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Unformatted text preview: Months before Nixon’s Watergate scandal, vice president Spiro Agnew was thrown out of office for taking bribes Domestically, Nixon left the nation in a mess, the country was more divided than ever. The economy was also in shambles. Throughout Nixon’s presidency the unemployment rate rose rapidly Americans had little if any faith in their political leaders, they didn’t trust the system because of all the corruption that had previously occurred Fear of big government became more prevalent, because of all of the corruption Ronald Reagan then took office and promised to put American back on track in terms of morality...
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