History 1302 Lecture February 22

History 1302 Lecture February 22 - Naturalization Act cut...

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History 1302 Lecture February 22, 2010 What accounted for the intensification of nativism during the 1920’s? How did Americans crave a return to normalcy during the 1920’s just as they also rejected other traditional social conventions How are traditional attitudes about sex, science, gender, class religion, and race challenged during the 1920’s How did hedonism and leisure come to define the 1920’s Why are the 1920’s best described as a decade of paradoxes, contradictory impulses, and seething tensions ****possible midterm question February 24 March 22 March 31 April 19 and 28 Go to Moodle and print off class outline for all dates above There was a large concern that the war had destabilized the white Anglo Saxon class Cities were thought of as a dirty place Immigration was seen as a big problem at the time. New laws were put in place to restrict the amount of immigrants coming to America There is a new religious diversity that religious fundamentalists were very worried about
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Unformatted text preview: Naturalization Act cut off European immigration Canadian and Mexican borders however, were still opened. Mexican and other South Americans were the largest group of immigrants coming into America at the time The KKK and other white supremacist organizations called themselves defenders of the Country by targeting black, Jews, and many other minority groups These supremacist groups were not just in the south. It was all over the country The reason that this decade is seen as a decade of incompatability is because of the following Lynching was at an all time high White supremacist groups grow at increasing rates Families took their children and dressed up for lynchings that were sometimes advertised in newspapers. Yet at the same time this was a time of flappers, dancing, and consumer culture that carried a care free connotation....
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History 1302 Lecture February 22 - Naturalization Act cut...

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