Ideas for midterm question 1

Ideas for midterm question 1 - Ideas for midterm question 1...

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Ideas for midterm question 1 Describe the engines, breadths, and limits of these federal expansions. Also clarify who benefited from and who suffered due to these transformations and why. Thesis: Throughout the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries the American people saw a large expansion of the federal government. The New Deal infrastructure, the coordination of WWI, and along the nation’s borders were three instances where expansion occurred. These three instances facilitated a larger government that had both positive and negative effects on the nation. New Deal Infrastructure in response to the Great Depression Engines Herbert Hoover’s poor economic policies gave FDR a huge upper hand in the 1932 election FDR had a very optimistic attitude when it came to the Great Depression “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” The new deal drew on Progressive era reform impulses to extend the reach of the federal government to solve social problems. The wake of the Great Depression left the nation in shambles and in dire need of recovery Breadths Provided assistance to many Americans suffering the effects of the Depression and established the welfare state Many of the new deal programs that succeeded created the foundation of the modern American state Repeal prohibition – new markets for farmers (corn, wheat), tax revenue from alcohol sales Securities and Exchange Commission was created to oversee the stock market FDIC insured deposits Programs involving conservation, environment, economics, and employment Limitations
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Ideas for midterm question 1 - Ideas for midterm question 1...

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