RelS 1001 Lecture February 9

RelS 1001 Lecture February 9 - borders These east and west...

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RelS 1001 Lecture February 9, 2010 Modern Hinduism Mughals Aurangzeb 1707 British Period 1757, 1857, 1947 Ram Mohan Roy, Brahmo Samaj 1833 Vivekanunda 1902 Tilak 1920 Ghandhi 1943 Islamic Period (1200 – 1800) British Period (1800 – 1947) Independent India + Pakistan 1992 – Babri Masjid/Ramjanmabrumi 2002 – Gujarat Kashmir Muslims invade form the north and take over from 1200 – 1800 India was governed through many alliances with many local rulers. Mughals – the most powerful and wealthy monarch in the world in their time. Mughal comes from the word Mongel
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Akbar – Reined for about 50 years from Dehli, believed he was a decendant of Ganges Khan was also a religious figure. The center of political power was in Delhi, where the Muslims ruled, however, the largest amount of Islamic conversions occurred around the east and west
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Unformatted text preview: borders. These east and west borders were areas where very few people were not following strict religious traditions. The British one a battle against the Mughals, giving them control over India Ram Mohan roy – A Brahmin, very well educated came from eastern India, educated in Persian, was a Hindi yet he was very familiar with the Islamic religion Sati – burning of widows (direct translation: truthful one) Done to protect the chastity and honor after a woman’s husband dies. They essentially commit suicide after husband dies Rom Mohan Row was a big critic of Sati and also advocated religious traditions in India Rom Mohan Roy also started the Brahmo Samaj Vivekanunda went to the world parliament of religions in 1897 in Chicago Hindutva – (Hindu nest) Congress Party...
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RelS 1001 Lecture February 9 - borders These east and west...

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