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Welcome to the Physics 1B Lab! http://webct.ucsd.edu The Physics 1 series lab curriculum has been developed with the following goals: (1) To create relevant and useful labs for non-physics majors. (2) To concentrate on the fundamental concepts of measurements in the context of physics. (3) To allow students room to explore their own ideas & exercise their own creativity. Different physics instructors teach the material using different schedules, so there will be times that the material covered in lab will not match what is covered in lecture. When the lab material is ahead of the lecture material, you will be expected to read ahead in the text. Each lab manual will ask you to read relevant sections in the text. Sometimes the lectures will help you do the lab, and sometimes the lab will help you to understand the lectures. What you will need to bring to each lab (required) A quad-ruled lab notebook with carbon pages. You may continue to use the same notebook as you did in 1AL. A copy of your completed Pre-Lab Questions to turn in & a copy in your lab notebook that you keep. A copy of the lab manual for each experiment. You can download the lab manuals from WebCT. Do not use older copies of the lab manual, using older copies of the lab manual will result in a zero grade for the assignment in question. Pen(s), a pencil, textbook, and scientific calculator. Grading There are nine labs, one each week. There are NO make up labs. Each lab is worth 20 points (except for the final lab which is worth 15 points but will be scaled to 20). The pre-lab work is worth 3 points, the in-lab reading quiz is worth 7 points, the in-lab work is worth 5 points, and the conclusion is worth 5 pts. For Winter 2010 we will be taking the best 8 of 9 combined lab scores.
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W101BLSyl0 - Welcome to the Physics 1B Lab...

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