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chem 112 exp 1 egg - Exp. #1: Floating Egg Problem 01...

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Exp. #1: Floating Egg Problem 01 January 2008 Introduction: The purpose of this experiment is to calculate the density of the solution needed to float an egg in water. Also, to determine in what way various volumetric glassware’s affects density and accuracy of volume. Useful equations used in this experiment were both density and standard deviation. Procedure: Part 1: 1) Obtain 1500 mL of deionized water in a container 2) Add 200 g of NaCl slowly, then stir 3) Put egg in salt water 4) Keep adding NaCl until egg floats, adding 200 g of NaCl at a time Part 2: 1) Add 25 mL of solution in flask 2) Weigh Erlenmeyer flask empty, and then weigh with the solution. 3) Do this for each volumetric glassware (Buret, Mohr Pipette, Volumetric Pipette, Volumetric Flask) Data:
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Trial Volume Pre-weight Weight Buret 1 2 24.00mL 24.10mL 82.68 g 83.09 g 108.35 g 108.88 g Mohr Pipette 1 2 23.00 mol 23.00 mol 83.03 g 83.34 g 104.87 g 108.17 g Volumetric Pipette 1 2 25.00mL 25.00mL 83.37 g 83.62 g 110.32 g
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This lab report was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PHI 112 taught by Professor Hammerich during the Spring '08 term at Ill. Chicago.

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chem 112 exp 1 egg - Exp. #1: Floating Egg Problem 01...

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