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Glimper Assignmment - GRAND In the days of our...

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GRAND In the days of our great-grandparents growing up was quite simple. A child would come home from play group, eat supper, help tidy up the house, talk with mom and dad, and be on the way to bed. In modern times we dont see such a lifestyle for children. Many children come home from school and go straight to watching the latest episode of Sesame street while their mom serves them supper right infront of the television. The children then continue watching for approximately 2 hours until their mom forces them to close the tv and get ready for bed. It is no wonder why obesity in adolescents has sky- rocketed over the past decade, children simply dont get the exercise they need and end up thirty pounds overweight. Watching Sesame Street allows children to develop habits directly lead to childhood obesity. A significant problem that has developed in the past decade that many have not noiced is the decline of creativity. Many parents have developed the beneficial habit of reading a bed time story to their children. Stories at their best allow children to create
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Glimper Assignmment - GRAND In the days of our...

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