ExtraHomework3 - Homework#3 Extra Problems 1 What is the...

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Homework #3 Extra Problems 1. What is the difference between a distribution and a sampling distribution? 2. In the z-score formula as it is used in a hypothesis test, explain a. what is measured by μ - X in the numerator. b. what is measured by the σ in the denominator. c. why you divide - X by σ to get Z. 3. On a standardized anagram task, people successfully complete an average of μ=26 anagrams and σ=4. This distribution is normal. A researcher would like to demonstrate that the arousal from anxiety is distracting and will decrease task performance. A sample of n=14 anxiety- ridden subjects is tested on the task. The average number of anagrams solved is X = 23.36. a. Do the anxiety-ridden subjects show a decrease in task performance? Test with alpha set at .01 for one tail. b. If a two-tailed test with an alpha of .01 was used, what conclusion should be drawn? c. What does this demonstrate about one-tailed versus two-tailed tests? 4. After several years of studying human performance in flight simulators, a psychologist knows that reaction times to an overhead emergency indicator form a normal distribution with μ=200 milliseconds and σ=20. The psychologist would like to determine if placing the indicator in front of the person at eye level has any effect on reaction time. A random sample of n=25 is selected, they are tested in a simulator with the indicator light at eye level, and
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ExtraHomework3 - Homework#3 Extra Problems 1 What is the...

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