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Lecture #4 - Political Science 1 Lecture#4 Drafting the...

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Political Science 1 Lecture #4 1/28/10 Drafting the Constitution Articles of Confederation were deemed as too weak Shays’ Rebellion was a wakeup call for a stronger national defense Framers as Gods, Devils, or Politicians? Era of wisdom, and virtue according to most Americans, considered a heroic story First democratic state government that’s stable in world history William Lloyd Garrison argued that the Constitution was an agreement with hell Most abolitionists rejected Garrison’s view, thought that Constitution broad purpose was liberty Intellectual movement was by Charles Beard, who thought the Constitution was based on the framers as interests who wanted to get paid back as a result of the Revolutionary War A view that the framers didn’t trust the common person The appropriate lens about the Constitution was practical politicians dealing with a difficult political situation The Framers’ Challenge and the Logic of American Politics Institutions matter: Not creating national government from scratch. There were already 13 state governments. Any solution needs to accommodate interests of the existing states. Strategic politicians: Must bargain with one another and find formula that enough states will find acceptable. Represent their states’ interest and each politician is an individual actor wondering how to benefit state and his career Elections make politicians agents of constituents: Need to keep voters in their states happy. Delegates are accountable to voters in own state (depending on them for future election). Helps shape the bargaining situation Voters are not like politicians: They see from voters a demand for voice in government. The Founders feared that emotion, narrow self interests, or anger would influence too much and encourage demagogues. Founders wanted to limit the voice of the people. Collective action problems central to politics: Common interests in security.
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Lecture #4 - Political Science 1 Lecture#4 Drafting the...

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