Lecture #6 - Political Science 1 Lecture #6 Preemption...

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Political Science 1 Lecture #6 2/4/10 Preemption National government passes a law that preempts state law in a possible area. Tort reform case: o When individual sues a company or other person for a harm (defective product, bad medical decision), the lawsuit is generally handled in state courts under state laws Leads to excessive jury awards in some states Tort reform: preempt those state laws / procedures by imposing national rules that cap damage Nationalization happening in subtle forms include the use of money Logic of Nationalization: Aid to States Aid to states and local government help increase national government influence Block grant: given for general purposes and allow state officials greater discretion over how funds will be spent. Grants-in-Aid (categorical grants): given to states for specific purpose, and most of the discretion remains in the hands of federal officials and officeholders (in great detail how the state gets the money and in great detail of how they spend the money) Political incentives for grants-in-aid / categorical grants over block grants o Gives government more control o Easier for Congressmen for take credit Big expansion of categorical grants since 1960s (Great Society)
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Lecture #6 - Political Science 1 Lecture #6 Preemption...

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