Lecture #9 - Political Science 1 Lecture #9 American creed?...

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Political Science 1 Lecture #9 2/16/10 American creed? Core values o Liberalism: a belief in limited government o Equality: equal opportunity and political equality o Popular sovereignty: people ultimately rule, government gets power from people o Minority rights: certain rights of groups that the majority cannot take away Competing values that are part of American political culture There has always been tension between core and competing values in America o Religious exclusivity: someone’s religious beliefs are superior to the other, religion is a part of the private sphere o Belief in racial/ethnic group superiority: during defense of slavery and segregation, not isolated in south o Classic republicanism: don’t view individuals as central of society, focus on value of community; suspicion of outsiders that don’t share the core values or commitments Can have both, define their liberal community in a very narrow way, like only ‘real’ Americans allowed Sam Huntington’s argument The concern about the growth in Latino and Muslim immigration More sophisticated statement about what many people believe it Theoretical claim is how immigration can still maintain core values People like intellectual elite and college professors say that people should be a tossed salad instead of a melting pot Big concern is that Latinos and Muslim immigration are not sufficiently proud to
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Lecture #9 - Political Science 1 Lecture #9 American creed?...

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