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Lecture #10 - Political Science 1 Lecture #10 First...

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Political Science 1 Lecture #10 2/18/10 First Reconstruction: Political Logic Republican hold on power depended on winning seats in the South…if Democrats won seats, they could block everything…needed to win overwhelmingly in the north The way for Republican’s to stay competitive with Democrats is to get African Americans the right to vote in the South As soon as Civil War ends, Southern governments replace slavery with black codes, which allowed southern elites’ effort to deprive freed slaves of independence Returned freed slaves to a form of subservient To block these black codes, there were three Constitutional amendments Civil War/Reconstruction Constitutional Amendments 13 th Amendment: Banned slavery (ratified in 1865) 14 th Amendment: ratified in 1868, which creates a national citizenship…no state can deprive life, liberty or property without due process and equal protection of the law o Like 5 th amendment, but applied to states Doesn’t give anyone the right to vote, just penalties for deprivation 15 th Amendment: ratified in 1870, no state can deny right to vote on account of “race, color, previous condition of servitude” First Reconstruction: Political Logic Overcame institutional obstacles: make ratification of 14 th -15 th amendments a condition for states to re-enter Union Voting rights were defeated in the north, so Southern states were needed to pass
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Lecture #10 - Political Science 1 Lecture #10 First...

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