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PS1 - Golden Age of presidential nominations(also called...

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“Golden Age” of presidential nominations (also called “mixed system”): “Laboratories of democracy” “Take care” clause 10 th amendment: The amendment that offers the most explicit endorsement of federalism to be found in the Constitution 14 th amendment: Post Civil War amendment that protects citizens from arbitrary action by the national and state governments and that no state shall deny a person equal protection under the law 15 th amendment: prohibits each government in the United States from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's " race , color , or previous condition of servitude" 1968 Democratic convention: Convention where protests and rioting ensued after pro-
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war Hubert Humphrey was selected over Eugene McCarthy. Led to the Fraser- McGovern reforms. 3/5ths Compromise: Compromise in the Constitution where slaves are counted as 3/5ths of one person for representation in the House. Abolitionism: Movement to end slave trade and emancipate slaves. Done with anti-slavery newspapers, underground railroad, made slavery a public issue.
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  • CIVIL WAR AMENDMENT, Constitution 14th amendment, clause 10th amendment, Superdelegates Supremacy Clause, Clause New Jersey

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