Notes 1.16 - Notes 1/16/08 Discussion The goal of Livy...

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Notes 1/16/08 Discussion The goal of Livy writing history is to pass down information, even if it is just legend instead of fact, but mainly to give examples of how people should and should not behave in Roman society by providing examples. The first time the decemveri went well and wrote the ten tables, but the second time it was like having ten kings because they didn’t work collaboratively and abused power. The difference in rape stories is that Lucretia kills herself and the father kills the daughter in this case, but both to preserve honor and the Roman ideal of chastity. Livy also stresses being loyal to Rome in the story of the triplets and the Sabine battle and afterwards he kills the mourning daughter of one of the dead because they are all supposed to be one people. Livy ‘s women: Lavinia, Rhea Silvia(mother of Rom and Reh), The Rape of the Sabine Women, Tarpeia(Lets the Romans into the city and thought she would be rewarded but instead she was killed), Lucretia (raped, Brutus arose after her death as first consul), Tanaquil, Tullia (daughter and murderer of Servius), Verginia (wanted by Appius and murdered for honor by her father). Through these women you get governmental change from people with absolute power to more republic. All these stories show how elite males such as Livy view women. The ideal woman, Lucretia who is at home spinning wool, and then someone like Tullia who takes action and murders her father. Roman religion is based on how your practice it. When the Gauls sack Rome, not everyone can fit in the citadel, so the old people including some of the upper class senators and magistrates were left in the city and eventually killed by the Gauls. Only the strong young males got to go to the
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Notes 1.16 - Notes 1/16/08 Discussion The goal of Livy...

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