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Hebrew Bible 5 ooo - Hebrew Bible Lecture 5 January 16,...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture 5 January 16, 2008 Section: look at smaller amount 37,38,39. Read more closely for discussion. What are the connections between 37+38, and 39+39. level of plot. Take a glance also when Joseph is looking at his brothers and wants to keep Benjamin. o 1. The 5 books never make claim that Moses wrote them. 2. Doesn’t make sense that he says some of these things. 3. It doesn’t make sense that any one author wrote this. o The first types of evidences (differences of plot, etc.) can probably be explained more easily, however, vocabulary seems to be a stronger type of evidence. There are consistent patterns of using one set of vocabulary, and then using a different set—this cannot be explained on a religious or literary level. It suggests that there are two authors who speak different dialects or use different language. o 5 th type of argumentation is the cumulative argument : The fact that all four types of evidence suggest that there are different authors in Genesis 1 and 2 do convince some that there really are different authors. o Classical documentary hypothesis: 4 main documents that have been sliced and put together to create the Torah. o The documents are known as J, E, P, D o J: Genesis 2,3,4. It gets its name from the tetragrameton (Yahweh). It uses certain vocabulary. When it’s talking about the patriarchs it describes them as coming
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Hebrew Bible 5 ooo - Hebrew Bible Lecture 5 January 16,...

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