Hebrew Bible 6 - o Documentary Hypothesis: THE...

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o Documentary Hypothesis: THE COMMISSIONING OF MOSES o In Exodus 6:2, instead of getting the plagues, God reveals himself to Moses and tells Moses his plans, who in turn objects but then God makes Aaron Moses’s speaker. o What is going on here? The same plot elements repeat itself until finally it goes to the plagues. This is a banner example of redundancy. Source critics explain this as getting two different versions of the exact same story (as it has been recollected in two different documents). o Exodus 6.2: God reveals his name to Moses for the first time. This cannot be a J document because people knew his name way back before Abraham and Israelites were on the seen. So, it must be an E or P document. o Classic P terminology: raised up, established . J and E usually say that God gave or cut a covenant. P is especially concerned with covenants (and constantly comes back to this idea). So generally, if you see covenant, a P bell should ring. o 6.6: P term: to take out the people out of Egypt. J and E, lift up the people. So, in just a couple of verses we see a number of P terms that allow us to assume it is a P
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Hebrew Bible 6 - o Documentary Hypothesis: THE...

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