Hebrew Bible 8 - o Get a sense of ritual as embodied...

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o Get a sense of ritual as embodied theology. Through ritual and actions that one performs not just with one’s mind and heart, but with body, the ancient Israelites were conveying religious meaning not just with words, but with their bodies in a very concrete way. o In American culture, we don’t think of the body as something that can be used to convey religious meaning. o Western culture is fundamentally Protestant, and thus Jew tend to think of religion not in this way, but in a Protestantized way. o Protestant religion tends to be a very much religion of the word, in mind, in the heart, in the soul. However, this kind happens not just in mind and heart, but in the body. Performing physical actions on things. o What does it mean to contract impurity? In the Hebrew bible, impurity is not he same thing as sin, and purity is not the same thing as righteousness and redemption. They are not moral in nature . In some cases, willingly coming into contact with impurity when it could’ve been avoided, that is sin. o The highest level of impurity is touching a dead body. Burying a person is not an immoral thing to do, however. Burying a dead body is one of the most moral things to do. You are doing a favor that you know will never be repaid (this is all according to Rabbinic literature). o
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Hebrew Bible 8 - o Get a sense of ritual as embodied...

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