Hebrew Bible 9 - Hebrew Bible Lecture January 28, 2008 o...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture January 28, 2008 o Deuteronomy is rather different than the other books we have dealt with. o Deuteron second, “ this is a repetition of the law Deuteronomy explains o It repeats and revises material found in the first part of the five books of Moses. In particular material found in Exodus and Numbers. o Two explanations for this, one is within the book, and one is from an outside source. o **Emic : perspective from inside the book. the point of view of a cultural insider. o **Etic : Perspective from outside the religious book. Scholars tend to rely on this one. What a historical, psychological explanation would be. o EMIC o The book consists for the most part with speeches by Moses. The bulk of it is made up of speeches, shortly before Moses’s death. In those speeches he recaps and reviews some of the laws that were given during that time. o Much of it is given in the first person, where previously they were given in the third person. o ETIC o Most scholars believe that it is a compilation of speeches that were later attributed to Moses. It is a revision of earlier books. The book was written much later than the historical time of Moses. It is possible that Deuteronomy is not only repeating but revising what had been found in the earlier books. o This is a phenomenon known as ** pseudepigraphy : false writing, or false attribution of writing. The opposite of plagiarism. The practice of writing something and attributing it to someone else. o
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Hebrew Bible 9 - Hebrew Bible Lecture January 28, 2008 o...

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