Hebrew Bible 12 - Hebrew Bible Lecture 12 o Book of Judges...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture 12 o Book of Judges and Samuel work together. The book of Judges, while a separate book, is in constant dialogue with book of Samuel. o Previously we talked about comparative literature. Now, we are looking at literary approaches when reading the Bible. o Judges o One notices that the book of Judges divides into three sections: conquest of Canaan, 2) ch. 2-16 stories of individual leaders or chieftains, 3) weird stories at the end that don’t seem to deal with anything from before o Part One o If you look at specific verses, there are sometimes the same conquests described but with one crucial difference. Book of Joshua, these cities were conquered by the Joshua, leading tribe of Ephraim, North. In Judges, some of those same victories are attributed to the tribe of Judah. Judges 1:9, tribe of Judah succeeds… all those areas were conquered by Joshua, by all 12 tribes unified. There further south you go, the greater the success is, the tribes immediately north are a little less successful. Judges is not concerned with entire Israel, but with Judah . o Part Two o Israelites are sinful and God allows a foreign nation to invade. Sometimes they cry out, or God becomes moved, and he raises up a chieftain who comes and rescues the people quite successfully, and then rules over the people for a bit of time. The people have security and peace. The people then forget God and the whole things starts again. o
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Hebrew Bible 12 - Hebrew Bible Lecture 12 o Book of Judges...

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