Hebrew Bible 13 - Hebrew Bible Lecture February 8 2008 o...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture February 8, 2008 o Attitudes towards royalty and the monarchy in the books of Samuel. o Samuel and Judges work at the literary unit and must work together alongside each other. Set of deuteronomistic history. o They must have been edited by a set of editors. Edited before and after the destruction of the temple. Attitude towards MONARCHY (political theory in ancient Israel) o It is really quite mixed. There is no one answer to whether or not they should have a king. There are a lot of pro and anti royalty elements. PRO o Pro: book of Samuel picks up where Judges leaves off. Recall the last story and refrain “in those days there was no king and everyone did what was right in their own eyes”. There was murder, impropriety, and civil war. o Judges ends with a very clear problem, and Samuel presents the solution (monarchy). o We get two leaders before the monarchy, Eli and Samuel. The rule by them two however is not very effective. Samuel is more effective than Eli, but his sons also are corrupt in an ironic way—he ends up reproducing the family of Eli, two sons who are corrupt and take bribes and people don’t want them to succeed him when he dies. o They don’t have perfect model of leadership so they want a kingship. o King David really does achieve success: a clear victory over Philistines and others, they for the first time have peace and stability and power over their territory. o
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Hebrew Bible 13 - Hebrew Bible Lecture February 8 2008 o...

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