Hebrew Bible 18 - Hebrew Bible Lecture o continue 1st...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture February 20, 2008 o …continue 1 st Isaiah o Themes: o New day when perfect Davidic king will be on the throne. This new day seemed one he was anticipating in the near future, conditional on the defeat of the Assyrians. o Social justice/economic justice o Amos o Micah o Something seemed to be going on in 8 th BCE which prompted this idea. Small farmers getting into debt and losing their land. When in 9 th century BCE, 25 would own, the same lands in 8 th century, only 3 families owned it. Seemed as if these families where mini empires (think all wealth was in the form of land back then) o Sacrificial cult o Isaiah ch. 1:11… page 616: what exactly is Isaiah objecting to? Isaiah seems to be rejecting the whole institute of sacrifice (v. 12). The whole sacrificial cult is pointless. o There is another possible translation: King James: “who asked you to trample my courts…bring no more futile oblations…” here, he is not complaining about sacrifice but the way the Israelites are doing it and how much they are doing it (too much). o Protestant would interpret as sacrifice not good. And Jewish and Catholic would see as ritual that should not be discontinued. So the King James translation fits better for Catholic or Jewish p.o.v. and NJPS would more seemingly fit Protestant. o
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Hebrew Bible 18 - Hebrew Bible Lecture o continue 1st...

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