Hebrew Bible 19 - Hebrew Bible Lecture 19 o 2nd part of...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture 19 February 22, 2008 o 2 nd part of book of Isaiah is work of prophet whose name we do not know and who lived during Babylonian exile after destruction of temple and the eve of the fall of Babylonians by the Persians. o When the prophet says here, he means in exile, Babylon. And “over there” is Judah o Covenant o This prophet preaching to community of exiles who had given up on idea of covenant. They had felt the lost the merits of the cov. of Sinai. Jeremiah had warned them that they were getting close to a “divorce” situation. o Davidic covenant: inviolability of Jerusalem—did not work out. They must have misunderstood the covenant of grant, or believe now that there is no such thing. OR there was such a thing but it has come to an end. o They may have felt that they no longer had a relationship with YHWH. o An alternative conclusion may have been that Adonai is not a very powerful god since the Babylonians defeated them. Any Judean who acknowledged other gods but did not follow them probably now that Marduk was a more powerful god. o Isaiah 59.12 (p. 745): these are speeches that were proclaimed in a public setting. He is telling the public that it is not that god is too far away to hear us. The problem here has been our own sins. o 40.27: he is asking his audience why are they saying that their cause is hidden from god. We get the sense that he is responding to his audience. o
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Hebrew Bible 19 - Hebrew Bible Lecture 19 o 2nd part of...

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