Hebrew Bible 20 - Hebrew Bible Lecture 20 o Comes from last...

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Hebrew Bible Lecture 20 February 25, 2008 o Comes from last period of Biblical History: literature from Second Temple Period **. o Begins with the building of 2 nd temple by Hebrews who came out of exile: 517 BCE (Persian Period) and continues to 70 CE o Book of Daniel dates to 167 BCE. No other books are as late as Daniel. Most were completed by 5 th or 4 th BCE. o Alexander the Great conquers the Near east in 330 BCE. The Persian empire falls and is replaced by Hellenistic Empire. This is a cut off date and from here on out we are outside of the Hebrew Bible, some writings were created post-biblical, such as Daniel. o The book of Daniel has more in common with the works of the apocrypha and pseudopigrapha —both of which are not part of most Christian or Hebrew Bible. o We are only interested in the Persian part of the 2 nd temple period. o 537 BCE return from exile and because they settle right around Jerusalem (Judah) scholars begin to describe Jewish to describe their religion (the further you get into the 2 nd temple period, whereas previously just referred to as Israelite). o Prophecy in this period o Prophecy began to decline in the early 2 nd TP. Most Jews believed that there was no longer thing as prophecy. They did believe that God had spoken previously to some people who brought them messages, but later into the Persian Period, they no longer believed that. o God was no longer communicating in this same way. o They did not believe that it had gone away forever. o
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Hebrew Bible 20 - Hebrew Bible Lecture 20 o Comes from last...

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