Hebrew Bible 24 - Hebrew Bible Class BOOK OF JOB o Hard to...

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Hebrew Bible Class BOOK OF JOB o Hard to understand because the language is extremely difficult. An atypical Hebrew. Some scholars suggest that it is not Hebrew but some other Canaanite language. Often translation will mark something as “meaning of Hebrew not understood. o “Even if God slays me I will still wait for him”, or “look he is killing me, I am not going to wait for him”. o There are complex historical issues on how the book came together. o May be based on some earlier stories or texts and may have incorporated them. There have certainly been added. o The meaning of some of the different versions probably were drastically different. o It may be that the original (which hasn’t been discovered) Job may have been portrayed as completely faithful and never doubted him (never criticizing and complaining—as he does in today’s copy). o This early addition may have contained the prologue and epilogue, but much of the middle part left out. o Chapter 42:7, God rebukes the friend that comes to talk to Job. In the hypothetical earlier version, Job upholds the idea that God is just and the friends doubt him and question God. In today’s copy, these roles are reversed, Job doubts, his friends say he is just. o Elihu: a 4 th visitor. Not clear on where he comes from. It may be the case that some scribes found the defense of the three friends insufficient and added this new character (but he doesn’t really have much else that is entirely new). o
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Hebrew Bible 24 - Hebrew Bible Class BOOK OF JOB o Hard to...

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