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Mythology Lecture 5 o Body of poems we are discussing this week: Homeric poems, defining retributions of gods that are part of that Pantheon. o Whenever a new God is born, the question is what is he going to do, and where are the places that he will be worshipped, his temple? Example: Apollo and Hermes. Think of families and more new babies, children, and they have to share. Or people coming into a new firm, where some people have been working for years. o The hymns (Apollo, Hermes) are epic poems (such as Iliad, Odyssey). The hymns would only be the beginning of a large epic poem. o Time’ (timai): what the areas of attribution, what the god is responsible for; the honor a god gains. o Apollo: the lyre, archery, prophecy. What does it mean that those three areas belong to the same god? The hymn is organized in two parts. o All the islands are afraid to offer her space to give birth to Apollo. The are afraid of the jealousy of Hera (Leto is rival of Hera). o
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