Parasite Singles

Parasite Singles - overall Although parasite singles do...

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Parasite Singles Parasite singles are adults who continue to live with their parents. Though it is not apparent, parasite singles impact the Japanese economy and society negatively. By living with their parents, parasite singles avoid paying rent and utilities, enabling them to spend most of their money on leisurely goods. According to the article, single men are spending on an average of 70,000 Yen and single women are spending an average of 80,000 Yen. In addition, these singles can travel overseas a few times a year. However, while travelling, parasite singles do not have to motels or anything of the sort; they can stay at the best hotels and have the best experience possible. On the other hand, adults who have to support themselves do not have this ability to spend all their money during a vacation. In contrast to parasite singles, independent adults must stay at an inferior hotel and spend less money
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Unformatted text preview: overall. Although parasite singles do increases the demand for brand named goods, they also decrease the demand for housing. As a result, parasite singles are one of the causes for the declining Japanese economy. The declining birth rate in Japan is also attributed to parasite singles. The desire to continue such luxurious lifestyles have led to people putting off marriage until a later age; not wanting a life of responsibility and hardship. According to a study, individuals who lived by themselves did not experience a lower standards of living after getting married; however, individuals who lived with their parents saw a significant drop in their standards of living after marriage. Such results demonstrate that young people would rather stay single than get married. However, if this trend continues, Japan’s economy and society will continue to decline....
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Parasite Singles - overall Although parasite singles do...

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