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In this experiment, we observed a freezing point depression because we added additional benzophenone to the solution. In part 2 of the experiment, we compared the solution with cyclohexanone and benzophenone to a solution with cyclohexanone and 5 more grams of benzophenone. The solution with additional benzophenone showed a freezing point depression, this is because the greater the solute concentration, the lower the vapor pressure of the solution. A solution with a lower vapor pressure will have a lower freezing point. The addition of the non-volatile solute of benzophenone to a volatile solvent of cyclohexanone results in a solution with a lower vapor pressure relative to that of the pure solvent. Thus when we added the extra 5.26 g of benzophenone, we got greater solute concentration, which means that the vapor pressure of the solution was lowered as well. This decrease in vapor pressure gives rise to freezing point depression. This is because the solute reduces the surface area from which the
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