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Experiment 4 - Data Part 1 Reaction of Zinc and Calcium...

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Data: Part 1. Reaction of Zinc and Calcium with Dilute HCl and Water Reactants Observations Zn + 6 M HCl The solution creates heat and fire and starts bubbling when a match is lit over the test tube. The solution also makes a popping sound when the match is placed over the test tube. Ca + 0.02 M HCl The solution heats up and starts bubbling. A fire was also created at the top of the test tube after the match made contact with the solution. Zn + Water There was no color change after adding two drops .1% of phenolphthalein. The zinc reacts with the water slowly. The solution creates bubbles as the zinc is slowly dissolved into the water. Ca + Water The solution turns pink after two drops of .1% of phenolphthalein, indicating that the solution is acidic. The solution bubbles when calcium metal is added to water. Part 2. Titration of the Product if the Reaction of Calcium in Water Data Trial 1 Trial 2 Mass of calcium 49 mg 50 mg Initial volume in the burette 50 mL 36 mL Final volume in the burette 41 mL 28 mL Volume of HCl used 9 mL 8 mL Molarity of HCl .30 M .30 M Molarity of H+ .30 M .30 M Moles of H+ used to titrate sample 0.0027 moles H 0.0024 moles H Moles of OH- neutralized 0.0027 moles OH- 0.0024 moles OH- Moles of calcium 0.0012 mole Ca 0.0012 moles Ca Mole ratio of OH- to Ca 2.3 to 1 2.0 to 1 Round the ratio to the nearest integer 2 2 Experimental chemical formula Ca(OH)2 Ca(OH)2
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