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Quiz2(M06) - Why 4 What aqueous acid aqueous base and...

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Name: Quiz 2 1. Explain the effect of adding a fractionating column to a simple distillation apparatus. In other words, what happens to the column hold-up, efficacy, product yield, throughput, etc...? 2. Why will a binary mixture containing a maximum boiling azeotrope give a pure substance if fractionally distilled than a binary mixture containing a minimum boiling azeotrope? A graph or two will help defend your answer. 3. Where should the thermometer bulb be placed in a distillation apparatus?
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Unformatted text preview: Why? 4. What aqueous acid, aqueous base, and organic solvent will you be using today's extraction lab? What is the purpose of Na 2 SO 4 in today's lab? 5. What equipment will you be using today in order to separate a biphasic liquid mixture? Also, which layer will be on top in today's biphasic extraction: aqueous or organic. (See Question 4 for the exact aqueous solution and organic solvent used in today's lab)...
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