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Name: Quiz 1 1. Please briefly explain why a eutectic mixture can be misleading concerning the purity of a substance. 2. What is the equation for refractive index? Please label what each variable stands for in the equation. 3. Suppose you had 58.45 mg of NaCl. How many milliliters of H 2 O are required to make a 1.0 M solution of aqueous NaCl? How many milliliters of H 2 O are required to make a 10% solution (w/w) of aqueous NaCl?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. What is the difference between a simple distillation and a fractional distillation? 5. Suppose that there are two pure substances (Compound A; Compound B) and an unknown substance (Compound X). Describe a mixed melting point experiment that could be performed to unambiguously identify whether the unknown was Compound A or Compound B....
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