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MAE 110A Winter 2010 HW #4 Due: Friday, February 12 (beginning of class 12:00 noon) Text Problems: 5.35, 5.38, 5.63 Handout Problems: H4.1 Consider the heating requirements for maintaining a house at 22 C during the winter. The heat transfer rate through the walls and roof is directly proportional to the temperature di±erence between inside and outside air, ˙ Q loss = K ( T inside - T outside ), where K = 3570 kJ/hr C. Compare the daily cost of operation of the following heating options: a. electric heat pump (assume β hp = 3 . 3) b. gas furnace (assume e²ciency (AFUE) of 90%) c. direct electric resistance heating
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Unformatted text preview: Consider a range of outdoor temperatures ◦ C to 15 ◦ C (consider the maximum and minimum in your analysis). What are your recom-mendations? H4.2 What are fuel cells ? Consider their application in automobiles (if you’re an ME) and air-craft/spacecraft (if you’re an AE). What are their advantages and disadvantages/challenges. Consider issues ( * required) such as (i) operation * , (ii) e²ciency * , (iii) energy resources and environmental impact. Prepare a short write-up (1 paragraph, up to 1 page max) and include at least two references....
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