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hw8_assig(2) - a What is cogeneration What are the main...

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MAE 110A Winter 2010 HW #8 Due: Friday, March 12 (beginning of class 12:00noon) Text Problems: 12.19, 13.51, 13.65 (do 100% and 400% theoretical air) Handout Problems: H8.1 Estimate the amount of CO 2 produced, in lbm, for every gallon of gasoline burned by an automobile. Estimate the amount of CO 2 produced in a year by your (or friend/family member’s) vehicle. H8.2 We will have a guest speaker, John Dilliott (UCSD Plant Manager), on March 10. He will talk to us about the UCSD Central Utilities Plant. Answer the following (short answer) questions concerning the campus plant based on his talk and web reference:
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Unformatted text preview: a. What is cogeneration ? What are the main components of the UCSD cogeneration system? b. What are the campus heating/cooling and electrical loads served by the system? What is the electrical generating capacity of the plant? c. How does cost of energy compare between that generated by the UCSD plant and that purchased from SDG&E? d. Check out: http://sustain.ucsd.edu/ and read about Clean Energy . What are some alternative energy resources and technologies that UCSD utilizes?...
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