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N,{AE 110A Winter 2010 Water (H2O in L, V, or L-\r phases) undergoes an state is given by p1 and Tt > T,ut(pt). The final given p. ? values are less than critical ralues (7 < Drarv states ancl process line on the T - u and p - colresponding number and shorv process direction. tn nlnallv dnfinc tlre stalcs. !v vrvarrJ Name Sc,qq:{1c-ai )/_ul|jy, qurz #2 isothermal compression process. Thc initial state corresponds to p2 ) prot(Tr). Assume Tr, p '-p). r nronelf v diaolarns. Label each state rvith
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Unformatted text preview: Inch-rde all relevant constant property lines 1. "f \ I =lz-*fv* tg,) f a \ 2t_ (t*t{i, I' Air undergoes an isothermal cornpressior] plocess. Assrtnre ideal gas behavior. Drarv states and process line on the T * u and p - l property diagrams. Label each state with corresporrrling numbcr ancl shorv process direction. What happcns to the pressure (indicate on both diagrams if it increases. decreases. rentaitrs thc samc)? a\ n vl Tt =Ta-Ts"tf) E twct-,) \r...
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